Tournament Results

19 Members of the Southern Wrestling Club participated in the Dorchester Tournament on Saturday the 7th.  Those wrestling and their place are:


Wyatt Forney       1st           Drake Troxel      2nd

Landen Parrott     4th          Brody Ullman     2nd

Pearl Short              4th          Mya Frase            3rd


Jenna Forney          2nd        Damian Parrott    3rd     Wyatt Forney   2nd

Kolton Ideus           1st           Noah Troxel             2nd

Brandon Carmichael    4th


Mason Creek       3rd              Ethan Forney      4th

Jackson Huls       4th               Lyndon Salts        1st

Austen Forney    3rd             Brenden Salts       3rd

Trayvin Burr         3rd

4 wrestlers competed at Lincoln Wrestling Club Tournament on Sunday:

Drake Troxel      1st                Kolton Ideus     2nd       Noah Troxel      2nd

Mason Creek      2nd