2017 Season

The Southern Wrestling Club 2017 season is now over, with the 2017 State Tournament in the books.    The Southern Wrestling Club was represented at State with 13 Wrestlers.  They did very well scoring a total of 80 points and placing 4th in Class B.  Those competing and their place:

Sadie Rakes – 1st                                         Connor Hayden – 5th

Wyatt Forney – 1st                                     Brandon Carmichael – 5th

Jenna Forney – 2nd                                    Austin March – 5th

Pearl Short – 2nd                                        Noah Troxel – 3rd

Drake Troxel – 2nd                                     Austen Forney – 4th

Koltan Ideus – 5th                                      Brenden Salts – 3rd

 Katie Forney – 1st